Hey Dude!!

Wow   I can’t believe it has been a month since I updated my blog!   We went on vacation the last week of March and I was busy with pre-vacation prep (packing, unpacking, repacking) ,  the wonderful time I had on vacation with my children and their children!!; Then the post-vacation funk where you wish you could spend all the time with your whole family and know it just isn’t possible unless you win the BIG Lottery.  And that isn’t going to happen.   Sigh…..

So I thought I would share with you some cards I made up for a swap.  The requirement was a special fold card and since I needed to make 18 I went with a fairly simple fold – the Joy Card.  This is pretty much  a 4 x 3 card on a 5.5  x 4.25 card base.  It can go several ways – left to right, right to left, and up to down.  (down to up would keep opening, so that doesn’t work very well – lol)  This card is great for quantity runs as it works well with assembly type preparation.

The measurements are HeyDudemeasFor mine, pictured, I used the GinaKDesigns Warm Cocoa cardstock for all my cardstock pieces, and a piece of GKD Ivory layer weight cardstock for the front sentiment.    I used some patterned cardstock I had in brown stripe double-sided with hearts – but any pattern paper will do also.  I also used a small piece of different paper for under the front panel because I ran out with so many to make.

The sentiment is from a SimonSaysStamp set called ALL BOY.  This has some great sentiments for young men and since I have a couple young grandsons, the set has been great for cards for them.  *Note:  why do they always retire the best sets??

I embossed the “HEY DUDE” sentiment in Penny embossing powder from Brutus Monroe – which is a great match for the cardstock.  Inside the small card I stamped a small gift stamp, and a “Happy Birthday” sentiment.   I added a kraft envelope that had some of the small present stamped and am ready for the swap.

Thanks for stopping by and I will be coming back quite soon with a surprise.

Mary Kay

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  1. Loving all of the cards you showed today and the “snarky” sentiments!! I think you’re doing a good job with your blog. I enjoy it and appreciate you giving the directions for making the cards you highlight. Keep it up, girl!!!

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