Happy Birthday Monica

Happy Birthday to Monica Monge-Taylor .   I am linking to her Birthday Month Bash blog hop.  Happy 50th.  I passed that on the road quite a while ago.    The blog hop starts at Monica’s blog – Taylor Made Cards 4 U.    Our cards should represent a journey we have taken – so I am showing and telling you about mine.

My husband had a motorcycle when we were dating – I believe it was a Kawasaki – but then came love, then came marriage, then came a couple baby carriages.  We all grow up faster than we expect to.   The children grew and left for college and we became empty nesters.  So at the age of 46, I decided I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle.  I got a cheap one from a friend and hubby even made me rebuild some parts of it so I would learn more.  I wish I could find those pictures – hubby had a great time documenting – while laughing.  But I did it and I learned to ride.  We then got matching Hondas.  Mine was a VLX and I enjoyed riding.  Although I always seemed to have butterflies and a hard time with left turns.

About a year later, I also decided to take another risk.  I quit my cubicle job and started my own consulting business.  Unfortunately, my big steps colided.  I spent a month getting my new office ready next door.  The first weekend after I quit the job, I ran into a guardrail with my bike.  Sideways.  It broke off the peg of the motorcycle and did a good job on my ankle too.  I shattered all the bones in my ankle.  Got to ride in an ambulance!  Got a ticket for failure to control (insult to injury).   Luckily, my business was in computers and I could work from a laptop in bed and managed to get it off the ground.

Enough that I could get hubs a Harley for Christmas-Birthday-Anniversary gifts – for a few years.   I rode behind him for awhile but then started having some hip problems and it became too painful.  About 10 years after the accident I decided to try the class again.  I had seen the latest Harley Davidson trikes and wanted to see if I could manage being on a motorcycle again.  After the class, I took one of the trikes out for a test run.

And that was it.  I was in LOVE!!!  Sign the papers!  So what if it cost more than my first house.  And this is my baby – she is 5 years old now.  I had to take a year off from riding because of a new grandson – but planning to get back out on her this year.  Excuse the background – it gets a bit crowded in our garage.TrikeB

The first addition to the trike was my dragonfly decals.  That made her mine.  We have added a few other blings during the years, but the dragonflies are how I know her. TrikeA.jpg

So Happy Birthday Monica —  know that it is never to late to follow your dreams.    And I hope you all enjoyed my RIDE journey.

riding   Mary Kay


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