Growing In Unity – Day 5

How sad – my last day.  So I want to share something about myself.  I LOVE DRAGONFLIES!!!  In the main photo you see into my front entrance and then the door to my craft room.  There are many, many more all around my house.  I have a huge set of stamps and dies of dragonflies.  Guess What?   Unity Stamps loves them too.  So I am going to show you a bunch of my Unity Dragonfly stamps.  These are the ones that have a dragonfly of some kind.  And just so you know I have earned my GIU status,  I have a total of 39 of these plastic sleeves!!!  Love my Unity Stamps.


So, to keep this post from being SO very very long (it is only very long), I am going to show you my dragonfly cards.  Quite a few I made tonight (oh my, my craft desk is such a disaster) and some are earlier makes.  I will tell you the sets used and any extras.

These are the ones I made tonight  – marathon card making but so much fun.


My first one is using the dragonfly from “let your wishes fly” sentiment kit and embossed in a gold glitter on vellum and adhered on a gold metallic panel.  The sentiment is from “Be the Best”  The second one is the dragonfly and sentiment from “Be the Best” and embossed in  silver  with a metallic silver border.


Pink is one of my favorite colors.  The first one uses a dragonfly and sentiment from the  “bold insight”  sentiment set . The dragonflies are embossed in a glitter pink and the sentiment embossed in white on vellum and attached to a pink background.  The second one is from “Be the Best” and embossed in silver on pink,  a favorite combination.

This one shows you can use the envelope stamps along with other stamps to create a scene.  The flying dragonflies are from “thankful for you”  The wonderful bottom is an envelope stamp called “Dilly-Dallyer”.  The sentiment seems to be one I received in a grab bag.

Now onto the ones I already have in my stash


The stamp set here is “Go Where Your Dreams Take You”  The fist one is colored and uses a fun purple background and ribbon.  The second one I stamped in varied colors and embossed in clear.


The blue card uses the Cuddlebug Dragonfly (on sale right now)- I love all the Cuddlebugs by Tierra Jackson.   The other card is “dragonflies and fairies” and I love the sentiment.  “May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon”

and I have to give credit and thanks to Nic Magnuson for creating my stamp for the back of my cards.  He worked with me to use one of the above stamps into my “Made For You By” stamp.  20181221_003621    I love it Nic!   Magnuson Custom Stamps

So now you know my Spirit Creature.  I also have a tattoo of a dragonfly, and use it on  my business cards and seller sign at craft shows.


Thank you all for joining me this week – I have loved reading your comments and just haven’t had a chance to respond to all of you.    I will be drawing from the comments on Monday night to determine the winners.

Hugs and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.    Mary Kay

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  1. How did I miss Let Your Wishes Fly? Thanks to your beautiful cards, I just found another sentiment set to put on my wish list. I always enjoy your posts. Merry Christmas!

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  2. I love your dragon fly cards. Yes you do have a lot of dragon fly stamps. I don’t think I have one! LOL
    But I have a million flower stamps as that is my thing! I have enjoyed your blog and all of your beautiful cards!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have rabbits…. and the kids would call me Mama Rabbit when they were little! Yes, we even had pet rabbits….. so I have many rabbit stamps. With Easter having rabbits as a theme, it was easy to find many rabbit stamps! Your cards are lovely! Nice job!

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  4. I love dragonflies too. Always stop to watch them when they visit the garden. There’s one group of three that always come around. Your cards are all so lovely. Love the yummy gold embossing. And your ‘made by’ stamp is so awesome! I may have to get one of those made. Thanks for an awesome week of inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What’s not to like about dragonflies! I love it when they visit my garden in the summer and I love your cards Mary Kay! Thanks for sharing all week you had great projects!

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