Tulle shaker card

I have been working on this card / panel for a make and take and it came our so darn cute.  So I though I would share my process.  It is really quit easy.

Since this is just a panel card, there is not a folded card base.  I cut two 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 half panels.  The back panel is cut from heavyweight card stock (100 lb) and the front is cut from 80 lb cardstock.  This keeps it solid.  You either need to cut both pieces at the same time with your die of choice or use a precut template.  I used the template because I needed to make so many of these.  Do the die cutting before you emboss or you would flatten out the embossing.

The heart frame was done with nested dies.  I used the larger one first and then a precut template to make sure I cut the smaller one in exactly the same place.  Using a tape runner, I taped the frame over the opening on the panel front and then ran this panel through with an embossing folder.

Now for the assembly — I have a strip of tulle cut to 4 inches by the 6 inches which is the width of my tulle roll.  If the cutout was larger, I would be sure I have enough tulle at least twice the size of the cutout area.  On the back panel, use a light layer of glue right around the cutout area and then lay the back layer of tulle down on it – I used a folded piece but you can also use 2 separate pieces.  Put your sequins or filler in the middle of the cut area and then place the other piece of tulle on top of it.  At this point I touch up with the glue again and use a tissue to press it down / blot up extra glue.

Now on the back of the front piece, place light glue again around the cut out area and either glue or tape around the outside edges of the panel and anywhere else you feel needs the adhesive.  Press down on the back panel and press firmly.  Hold around the cut area until the glue has a chance to grab the 2 panels together.

Then decorate as you wish.  I have used the Teddy Bear and Valentines Day 1 set from AnthonysPaperCraft.   As you can see from the picture, I also used some candy hearts in the shaker part.  That is what is so great about the tulle. It is flexible enough to hold items with some depth.

These are great cards to make for children’s valentines.

Speaking of valentines, the following  card was made using Valentines Day 2 from AnthonysPaperCraft.  This stamp set is the Stamp of the Month for January at Anthonys.  If you order it – your entire order will ship free!   It is a beautiful stamp with lots of possibilities.  I paper pieced the large hearts with patterned card stock.


Hugs – Mary Kay


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