Spring / Summer Coffee Lover’s Blog Hop


This is my first time participating in the Coffee Lover’s Blog Hop,  and I would love to show you my never-ending (or infinity) Coffee Card!   I have used Echo Park Coffee Collection scrapbook cardstock, and the Coffee 2 stamp set from Anthony’s Paper Craft.


I do think I managed to get all the stamps somewhere on this card!  If you have never made a never-ending card – they are so much fun.  I will show the instructions below, but now I will explain how it works.

You start with picture 1,  then open from the middle split vertically and then you are at picture 2.  Open from the middle split horizontally and then you are at picture 3.  Open from the middle split vertically again and you are at picture 4.  Open one more time at the middle horizontal split – and  you are back to the beginning again!!!

This really starts with (4) 6 x 3 panels of base cardstock.

Card stock for the never ending or infinity card
Card Base                (4)   3in x 6in panels  (cut exactly)         uses 1/2 of a 12 x 12 piece

Matting -solid         (8)   2 ¾ in x  2 ¾ in                                    takes a bit more than an 8 ½ x                                            11  inch, so use a 12 x 12 or 2 8 ½ x 11
(8)   2 ¾ in x 1 ¼ in
(8)   1 ¼ in x 1 ¼ in

Pattern                     (8)    2-5/8 in x 2-5/8 in                            I cut 3 strips of  2-5/8 in  x 12                                                     in panels and work from those
Mix designs           (8)    2-5/8 in x 1-1/8 in
If you want            (8)    1-1/8 in x 1-1/8 in

White or Ivory squares 2 x 2  for inside sentiments

Score along the 6″ side at 1-1/2 & 4-1/2. Do this on all 4 pieces. Then flip the cardstock and repeat the same scoring, so you have scored on both sides. This will help reduce cracking as you will be folding the cardstock in both directions.

For the following, try to be as exact as you can with the measurements.
Lay 2 of the panels next to each other meeting in the middle.  Lay the other 2 panels across those panels top and bottom meeting in the middle.  Verify the edges all meet.

Remove the top 2 panels –
Take one of these panels and lay it across the top of the other ones,  Glue the top right corner and top left corner (1-1/2in x 1-1/2in square) to the under panel.
Take the remaining panel and match it to the top panel in the middle – glue the bottom right corner  and bottom left corner  (1-1/2in x 1-1/2in square) to the under panel.

Now get the card used to folding all different ways by opening the various ways mentioned above until it opens cleanly every time  (trim as needed at this point).

Then you can decorate any way you want to.  My recommendation – put down the matting where it fits.  I recommend putting down the larger pieces first.  Notice between picture 2 and 3 that what peeks out on the side is actually the larger pieces.   Then put the smaller strips and pieces.

I do hope I explained this properly.  There are plenty of videos of the process on youtube.

Have fun and enjoy your drink of choice!     Mary Kay



  1. This is an amazing design and I love the colors on it. It looks like you put in a tremendous amount of work too but it sure paid off!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These cards are always so fun to see! Yours is lovely in the monochromatic color
    scheme. And thanks for all the dimensions. I’d love to make one of these.

    Liked by 1 person

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